A Family owned and operated company

Developing personalized hybrids involves three major components: developing a genetic base, testing hybrids, and producing seed corn
About Us
Established in 2016, BASS is a new seed company that is building upon 41 years of farm and agricultural experience plus 33 years of corn breeding experience to provide you with a personalized seed service. We are a family owned and operated company whose extended family has been involved in both farming and the seed industry for generations. Developing personalized hybrids involves three major components; developing a genetic base, testing hybrids and producing seed corn.
Hybrid Development

1. Developing a genetic base

2. Testing hybrids

3. Producing seed corn

At BASS, we have our own genetic base as well as access to the genetics developed by other independent breeders. These genetics are unique in the marketplace. They do not originate from the major seed companies’ programs.

We also have our own research program and testing procedures. We have the knowledge and specialized equipment needed to conduct scientific field trials, and we enjoy doing it. By conducting replicated trials on your farm, we gain a better understanding of how different hybrids perform on your farm under your management practices. We can then sit with you to analyze data about the best products for your operation.

After you decide which products you would like and in what quantities, we will handle the seed production, producing your hybrids for you in the quantities you desire and returning your high quality seed to you in time for planting. Because the seed is produced specifically for you, you will receive the hybrids for which you paid. Because we have our own genetic base, you can continue purchasing and receiving those hybrids until you are ready to upgrade products.

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29307 US Hwy 212, Danube, MN 56230