Francesca (RM 85)

Francesca yields very well across various management practices and field conditions. Best performance is in a corn following soybeans rotation.
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Francesca is a high-yielding, solid product that works well in both low and high-yield environments.   Moves north and south well, but keep east of Hwy 281.  Requires more management (high fertility, fungicide applications), but you will see the ROI.  Well suited to 20-22” rows and pushing populations.  Is occasionally susceptible Goss’s Wilt: do not use following corn.  Good option for grain, silage, and earlage.  Requires a timely harvest as occasional crown root rot can show up.  Kernels look flinty but do not hold moisture.  One of the most consistent, high-yielding early hybrids with a proven track record.

Pairs well with Rosario (RM 81) and Nova (RM 86).