Jasmine (RM 110)

Huge yield potential! Responds well to highly managed conditions
Product Sheet

Yield on this hybrid comes from massive flex ears. Jasmine has no tendency to pull back ears and tries to fill to the tip. An improvement over other 110 day hybrids with better stalks and roots, less green snap, and lodging tendencies. Early to mid-pollinator. Takes Goss’s Wilt and NCLB, so no fungicide needed. BIG EARS = BIG YIELDS. Plant dryland 24-28,000, irrigated 28-30,000. Best after soybeans or wheat, but works well after corn. Needs to be planted timely to take advantage of the full growing season.
Pairs well with Dusty (RM 106), Dakota (RM 106), and Jessica (RM 110).

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