Ramona (RM 82)

Ramona performs best on tougher soils and under dryland conditions. 
Keep her on your tougher acres.
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Ramona is multipurpose and handles stress magnificently. She will deliver feed when other hybrids give up.    Native drought and insect tolerance make her low maintenance. She has excellent grain quality with higher nutrition.  Harder textured dent kernels dry slowly, but she can stand in the field a long time. Well-suited for dryland production in low moisture areas.  Excellent in no-till situations.  Plant at 5-10% lower than normal rates for the area.  Has decent ear flex in good conditions and a more consistent ear size in tough conditions. Best performance is north of I-94 in ND and western MN on difficult acres.  She is not designed for high-yielding fields: Ramona is a tough hybrid for tough acres.

Pairs well with Lola (RM 79) and Rosario (RM 81).