We know farming, and we know corn

We focus on producing seed that is developed for your farm using your management practices
What is a Personalized Hybrid?
The personalized hybrid is produced specifically for your farm for as long as you want to plant it on your farm in the quantity that you want to plant of the hybrid

Personalized hybrids are optimized for your specific growing conditions. Our hybrid development program takes regional adaptation to a higher level, local adaptation, for maximum corn hybrid performance.

How Does it Work?
First, we meet with you to see if our company is a fit for your farm. Our services are not for everyone, and we believe that honest and transparent evaluation is an important first step. If we are not the best fit for your farm, we will tell you.

Second, we begin evaluating hybrids on your farm and under your farming practices. This is a multi-step process. We shoulder the expense of this evaluation process because we believe in our products and services.

Third, our corn breeders will select hybrids with you for your farm using data generated on your farm under your farming methods to ensure we find the right products for you.

After the seed has been produced, we process the seed, warehouse the seed and then deliver the seed to you in time for planting.

1. We are focused on farming, not chemistry.

2. We know farming, and we know corn.

3. We are self-sufficient in our genetics. We have proprietary parent lines and hybrids.

4. We know livestock operations can require different corn hybrids than cash grain operations.

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