Let us help your bottom line

Our conventional seed provides flexibility for product marketing and end usage that will put you in control of your farm and corn yields
How can BASS help your bottom line?
You will know exactly which hybrids you will plant each year and how much that seed will cost you 14 months in advance of planting time. You can plant specific hybrids in acreages that you desire on your farm until you decide to change to a new proven performer on your farm. Because hybrids are developed and selected on your farm under your management practices, you can be sure that you are planting the best performing hybrids for each area of your farm. Since our focus is conventional seed, this allows flexibility for product marketing and end usage. This is especially important for the emerging “Farm to Fork “ movement.  Increasingly, consumers want to know who is producing their food.
  • You, the farmer, are in control of seed inputs and seed decisions
  • Hybrid selection with NO guesswork
  • Year to year stability in hybrid information, selection and availability
  • We both will know how these hybrids will work on your farm before you ever plant them
  • Long-term development of personalized hybrids and seed production plans designed specifically for your farm
  • No marketing restrictions on harvested grain
  • We will help you improve your corn yields! Yield is the most important trait in your trait package.

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