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Our Team

The BASS Hybrids team is comprised of a group of dedicated individuals who are passionate about breeding and providing customers with high quality, personalized products. Although each team member has their respective responsibilities, we are fluid and believe in working together in any capacity to provide our customers with the best hybrids and services for their farm.

Ed Baumgartner


I grew up farming in Olivia, Minnesota on our family’s farm. I graduated from the University of Minnesota with a BS in Agronomy and Plant Genetics in 1983. I worked in corn breeding and hybrid development for Keltgen Seed for 13 years before moving to Mycogen Seeds in Santa Isabel, PR in 1997 where I spent the next seven years working on continuous nursery work and corn breeding. In 2004 I returned to the mainland US to work with Dow Agrosciences in product development. In 2005 I returned to Puerto Rico and started our own company, 3rd Millennium Genetics which focuses on corn breeding and contract research. In 2013 I opened 3MG North in Olivia, Minnesota and extended our contract research ad breeding work to the mainland US. In 2016 I added BASS to our current companies where I continue to focus on our passion for corn breeding and developing new hybrids.

Raechel Baumgartner Delgado

I grew up around plant breeding, and I have been interested in genetics since I was introduced to the subject at age 11.  After high school, I attended Iowa State University, where I graduated in 2007 with a B.S. in Agronomy and a Biology minor.  In 2009 I earned my M.S. degree in Plant Breeding.  For five of the six years I attended ISU I worked with soybean breeding programs on campus, and while finishing up my degree I made the transition into corn breeding with 3rd Millennium Genetics.  I work mostly with product development, project management, and research. My focus now is data management and project organization.

Susan Johnson

I grew up on a family farm in Northwest Iowa. I attended Iowa State University and received a BS in Agricultural Systems Technology in 1997. I then went on to get a MS from Iowa State in Plant Breeding in 2000. I worked for 15 years with the Soybean Breeding Project at Iowa State. My primary focus was co-managing the breeding program for the development of food grade and conventional soybean varieties. I began working with 3MG North in 2015 in breeding work, and I am happy to be a integral part of BASS Hybrids’ breeding team.

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