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To obtain the highest yields possible each year with hybrids developed specifically for your farm
BASS Hybrids Story
One of the advantages of having been in the seed business for a long time is that farmers feel comfortable calling me with their questions and concerns regarding seed and agriculture items in general. I enjoy this direct contact with the people who purchase seed as it provides invaluable insight to me as a corn breeder and as a participant in the best profession in the world, agriculture. A few years back I received several calls from farmers looking for an alternative to the way seed is sold to them and from whom they buy it.

Their main concerns were how fast the hybrids that they purchased were changed, that the salesman changed almost as fast, the rising costs of seed without noticeable improvement on their combine yield monitors, and that the costs of seed are higher than the value delivered. Being a research only company at the time, we had no seed to sell them even though we had products that would perform very well for them. After careful thought and study we realized that we needed to produce and sell the products directly to farmers that we developed. The next step was to figure out how we were going to do it and be innovative in the process since we are at heart a research company.

The personalized seed company idea was born, and BASS Hybrids was going to deliver it. We see farms continuing to grow in size and the need for products that fit specifically for the way they farm. The days of seed companies selling hybrids that cover a large geographic area are coming to an end. To obtain the highest yields possible on a given farm year in and year out, we need to develop hybrids that work specifically for that farm. This is taking regional adaptation and performance to the next level. We are going towards farm-specific hybrids with our company. These will be genetically diverse hybrids designed to mitigate as much risk as possible. During the development process we will learn how to manage the hybrid for it to excel on your farm. That information will be in your hands from day one. No learning curve required. We can accomplish this because we develop our own inbreds and develop our own hybrids. We do not rely on the major players in the seed industry for access to products. We have what is needed to deliver this concept. This Freedom to Operate means we can do what we need to do to make your farm as productive and as profitable as possible.

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