Helping you build a strong legacy

We understand the importance of moving the family business towards the future for the next generation
Our Vision
At BASS we are students of the history of the seed industry. When you know the history, you can make better decisions about where you need to go in the future. BASS is all about the future. We see farms getting larger. We see large farms as the natural progression of successful family farms as succeeding generations continue the efforts of their forefathers. We have a long family history in the seed business, which qualifies us to work with farms that have a long history. We understand the value of legacy information, legacy values and the importance of moving the family business to the future for the next generation.

One of the most important keys to a farm’s success on an annual basis is the genetics of the seed it plants. Seed development takes time, it takes generations, so it is important to work with a group that values history and time to provide you proven genetics that meet your needs. BASS uses a Personalized Seed concept. The hybrids are developed right on your farm, for your farm, the way you farm. Our research team performs all of the hybrid development activities on your farm following your farming practices. You are involved in the hybrid development as much or as little as you want to be. Once hybrids are developed and then selected to be produced for your farm, they are produced specifically for you, annually. They are produced using high quality standards with state of the art equipment. BASS stores the seed in its warehouse and delivers the seed to you on time for spring planting. You will have confidence in always having the top quality seed you need available to you.

We can create Personalized Seed because we develop our own inbreds from which we use to develop new hybrids. During the hybrid development process together we select hybrids that perform best on your farm under your farming practices. This is a team effort. We need to understand how you farm so you can use our experience in developing top performing hybrids for you.

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