Welcome to BASS!

  • Whether you are planting 76 to 113 day corn, you are not going to beat the best 8-stack GMO traited hybrid in the industry with off-patent corn.
  • As an innovative company, BASS brings strong and new genetics to the Cornbelt, giving the farmer a business edge.
  • Our goal at BASS is simple: we want to put more money in your checkbook.
  • BASS Hybrids will produce corn yields that make you proud.  With our conventional products, we have achieved 300+ bushel yields.  Equally as important, our hybrids have produced corn in fields that should have produced nothing.
  • You cannot do that with $65, $80, or $99 off-patent corn.  
  • Everybody says they have research.  We can show your our research planters, research combines, research plots, research locations, research staff,  research facilities, research seed vaults: all the things a real research company has.
  • What we cannot show you online is the passion we have for what we do…and the knowledge load that 4 generations of family hardwork has put into every BASS corn hybrid.
  • For the millions of dollars of investment that BASS has already made, you benefit by having unconventional corn hybrids that have these advantages over existing off-patent conventional corns:
    • Better plant health
    • Better natural insect tolerance
    • Better drought resistance
    • Stronger stalks
    • Larger root mass
    • Flexible planting populations from 14,000-36,000 plants per acre.
  • Don’t believe us. Visit each product’s page for a hybrid evaluation in the individual farmer’s words.


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