Welcome to BASS!

We’re glad you’re visiting our website—if you came looking for corn hybrids, you’re in the right place!  We are passionate about corn (and have been called “corn cuckoo-nuts”).  We can and will talk about corn for hours.

Aside from being passionate (overzealous?) about corn, our products themselves make us unique as a company.  We have our own corn breeding and hybrid development programs, which are no longer common occurrences.  Because we have these capacities, we do not offer the “normal” conventional products around.  Because we are crazy about corn, we push the limits of what corn can do, sometimes in unconventional ways.  Our hybrids are “unconventional conventionals.”  Many of them have increased levels of tolerance to biotic and abiotic stress—including heat and drought.

We have a strong lineup of conventional hybrids ranging from RM 76 to RM 113.  While yield is the most important trait, we also look at grain quality and silage suitability.  We have some silage-specific hybrids with excellent yields and quality, and we have several products that are truly dual purpose.  If you are feeding livestock, we also pay attention to feed value.  Take a look at our products page, or give us a call.  We love to talk corn! (Seriously, we do)


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