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We are a new company with a simple—yet revolutionary—vision for the future of farmers. We are dedicated to helping farmers take control of their seed corn destiny. We can help you increase your profit margin by providing high-yielding conventional hybrids developed specifically for your farm and ensuring that you can plant those hybrids each year until you are ready to change hybrids. We are a full-service research and seed operation that does all of the testing and all of the agronomic evaluations. We collect and analyze data from your farm under your management practices and aid you in product selection and placement for your acres. When you decide on a product from BASS, you can continue to plan, purchase, receive, and plant that hybrid until you are ready to begin the change over process to a new hybrid at your own pace.

Your Seed.
Your Legacy.

BASS develops high-yielding hybrids specifically for your farm that you can depend on year after year.

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