BASS Hybrids Agronomy Videos

Join the BASS Hybrids team as we tour fields!

Alkali Soils

Ed talks about BASS Hybrids performance on alkali soils.
Dell Rapids, SD, 2022

CRW+: Does it work?

An enthusiastic “YES!” from one of our customers.
Clearwater, NE, 2022

BASS CRW Treatment

Mike and John look for insects in a field treated with BASS CRW seed treatment.
Menno area, SD, 2022

Tar Spot

Mike and Jack discuss Tar Spot in the field and how bad it can be.
Clearwater area, NE, 2022

Native Insect Tolerance

Surrounded by Xandra, Ed talks BASS philosophy about working with nature.
Dell Rapids, SD, 2022

Leafy Silage

See the difference between a regular grain hybrid and a silage-specific Leafy hybrid.
Dell Rapids, SD, 2022

BASS CRW seed treatment

BASS CRW helps fend off insects, including nematodes and corn rootworm.
Near Menno, SD, 2022

CRW & Economics

An in-the-field discussion about conventional corn, CRW control, and economics.
Menno area, SD, 2022

Weed control is possible

Weed control is possible in conventional corn, despite what a lot of other people may say.
Menno area, SD, 2022

Early silage season

Lack of moisture brought about a very early silage-chopping season this year.
Freeman, SD, 2022

The neighbor’s corn

Traited corn across the road from a field of BASS Hybrids conventional corn
West of Sioux Falls, SD, 2022

Drought in South Dakota

The drought is bad west of Sioux Falls this year, BASS Hybrids corn or not.
West of Sioux Falls, SD, 2022

Conventional corn without insects

Near Colton, SD, 2022

Effects of late nicosulfuron application

Near Colton, SD, 2022

Weed control when dry

Controlling weeds is possible with conventional herbicides in dry conditions.
Near Menno, SD, 2022

Weed control without glyphosate

Weed control in the first year not using a glyphosate-based program.
Near Menno, SD, 2022

Late herbicide application

Timing is (almost) everything with a conventional herbicide program.
Near Ruso, ND, 2022