UNconventional Hybrids & BIOLOGIcal Products

UNconventional corn hybrids

At BASS we want you to grow the best hybrids for your farming operation. Whether you are looking for grain corn, silage corn, or high moisture corn, we can provide you with the information and the hybrids you want for your acres.  Click here for a list of our corn hybrids.

About Durayield Products
We believe in maintaining the integrity of corn as nature intended. Why make life more complicated than it already is by adding genes from other species when the corn genome already contains the defense mechanisms needed?  That is why we utilize Durayield traits, which are selected from within the corn genome by using traditional, specialized plant breeding methods.  Durayield traits are additive so each generation of Durayield will be better than the one before it.  You do not need to worry about pest adaptation to Durayield because Durayield evolves, too—naturally.

Each Durayield product is non-GMO with elevated levels of tolerance to biotic and abiotic stresses that can occur during the growing season.

Durayield products:

  • Can be grown at lower plant populations per acre versus other products to achieve maximum yield.
  • Allow for more efficient use of available water and nutrients.
  • Have natural insect tolerance.
  • Have natural drought tolerance.
  • Have no market restrictions because these products are conventional.
Text above image says "Unconventional Hybrids vs GMO genetics with CRW trait. Corn following corn rotation. No Insecticide." Image is of the washed roots of two corn plants. The left roots, labeled "Durayield" show darker colored brace roots that are longer and show no sign of damage. The main root mass is large and shows very minimal CRW feeding. The right root mass is labeled "National Brand". It has two rows of brace roots which do show some feeding. The main root mass exhibits some signs of CRW feeding and does not look as full as the root mass of the Durayield.

Biological Products

We’re serious about working with Mother Nature to grow high-yielding crops.  We all know soil health plays a key role in crop production.  We brought these products on because of their ability to improve soil health, lower commercial inputs, and improve your profit per acre – naturally. Click here for some of the biology-based products we offer.  I know we’re pretty corn-focused, but these products can be used on your other crops, too.  We encourage it!