Aliya (RM 77)

Brand new early genetics. Aliya is a very strong early hybrid with good cold and drought tolerance. Excellent for short season areas.
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Aliya is a hybrid that you do not have to worry about. Plant at normal populations for area as soon as conditions allow for planting—Aliya has very good cold tolerance and emergence. You can push the population to above average for the area if sufficient moisture and nutrients allow. Plant across all soil types. Responds to additional N side dressing. Aliya is a good hybrid to plant and see how the growing season is progressing, and if favorable, invest more into crop inputs. Does not need foliar fungicide application. Healthy late into season and stands well. Slow to dry down, plan to harvest later. High quality grain.
Pairs well with Lola (RM 79), Yolanda (RM 80), and Rosario (RM 81).