Carlene (RM 104)

Carlene handles Goss's Wilt like a champ. With a little TLC, she will treat you very well.
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Carlene isn’t showy, but it is consistent, reliable, has high yields, and will handle some stress conditions.  Not for the lightest soils nor the tightest clays: likes anything in between, especially darker clays and loams that handle 26-30,000 ppa. Long-eared “slender flex” hybrid. Use standard planting populations for area, up to 2000-2500 plants higher to push best yields. Works following corn, soybeans, wheat, and alfalfa. Will stand through the wind, and hold on tight to the ears. Durable in the heat and drier conditions.  Caarlene is a great livestock feeding option with higher protein and oil content than average hybrids.

Pairs well with Charo (RM 100) and Dusty (RM 106) for grain-only operations.  Use Carlene for grain and Vanessa (RM 103) and Xena (RM 105) for silage or flex acres if feeding livestock.