Carlene (RM 104)

Carlene handles Goss's Wilt like a champ. With a little TLC, she will treat you very well.
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Carlene isn’t showy, but she is consistent.  She’s just corn. Not a racehorse hybrid, but she has high yield and will handle some stress conditions.  Not for the lightest soils nor the tightest clays; likes anything in between, especially darker clays and loams that handle 26-30,000 ppa.  Long-eared “slender flex” eared hybrid.  Use standard planting populations for area, up to 2000-2500 plants higher to push best yields.  Works following corn, soybeans, wheat, and alfalfa.  Great livestock feeding option with higher protein  and oil content than average hybrids.  Kernels may have a genetic dark spot where the silk attaches; feed this hybrid if your elevator has an attitude.

Pairs well with Charo (RM 100) and Dusty (RM 106).