Charo (RM 100)

Charo is a high yielding hybrid that works across all soil types.
Product Sheet

Charo is a consistently high-yielding product. She loves high-management farming, spoon-feeding nutrients, and fungicides. She also yields well without all that fuss. The choice is yours, but this is a fun option for pushing the limits of yield on your farm. If you see leaf disease, apply fungicide: it will pay to do so with Charo. The best place for Charo is on your most productive fields, and you will be rewarded. Charo is not the first hybrid you should plant in the spring. You will reap the most benefit by planting her when seeding conditions are ideal. She can handle early planting, but we have seen her performance when planted in ideal conditions.

Pairs well with Madeline (RM 95) and Carlene (RM 104).