Dakota (RM 106)

Dakota is named for her top-producing zone: South Dakota south of I-90.
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Dakota is a proven high-yielding and fast-developing hybrid in SD, MN, and NE.  Extremely healthy during the season with excellent ear retention.  Holds ears in the wind when other hybrids cannot.  Not prone to greensnap; suits the west well.  Takes GLS and Goss’s Wilt well. Will follow soybeans, wheat, or corn.  Normal plant, but at harvest will be a stalk and an ear.  Great for residue management in 220-300 bu environments.  Plant 1500-2000 ppa higher to compensate for slightly shallower kernel depth.  We recommend 29,000-31,500 ppa under irrigation and 24,000-30,000 dryland.  Works well in no-till and average cold soil conditions.  Does well on variable soils.  Other hybrids recommended for compacted clays.  Has achieved 300 bu yields under irrigation in SD.

Good pairings are Dusty (RM 106) and Jessica (RM 110).