Dakota (RM 106)

Dakota is named for her top-producing zone: South Dakota south of I-90.
Product Sheet

A semi-flex eared hybrid with a medium depth square kernel. Medium height hybrid with a nice test weight (58-61 lbs). Emerges well, dries fast, takes stress, and holds up well with good ear retention. Does well following soybeans, wheat, or corn. Does well on variable to better soils; do not use on compacted clays. Plants are healthy and pretty tolerant to Gray Leaf Spot and Goss’s Wilt. Standability and plant health are good late into the season; retains ears late into the season. Plant 1500 plants higher to make up for slightly shallower kernel. Yield potential 220-250 bu/ac.
Good pairings are Dusty (RM 106) and Carlene (RM 104).

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