Delta (RM 104)

Delta is a western gal best-suited for average land. A little management will go along way.
Product Sheet

Medium tall plant with waist-high ears, kernels are long, square and dark-colored with 58-59 lb TWT. Plant at average to slightly above average populations; in SD, the sweet spot is 24-26,000 ppa. Does best on medium to lighter variable soils; not for compacted tight clays. Emerges well from cold soils in wet conditions. Stands well during the season; will hold ears late in the season. A stress tolerant hybrid, Delta handles heat and drought. Good disease tolerance, including Goss’s Wilt. Works well following corn, soybeans, wheat, and alfalfa. May hold a point of moisture at harvest. Excellent feed value.
Good companion to Vanessa (RM 103) and Dusty (RM 106).

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