Dusty (RM 106)

Dusty is a "go everywhere" hybrid: Where there's dust, plant Dusty.
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Dusty can go anywhere: a true flex-eared western hybrid.  She powered through cold spring temps and no till conditions in 2022 to excellent stands when competitors did not.  She then handled heat and lack of moisture to retain a dark healthy green color when hot dry summer conditions arrived.  Through 80 mph winds Dusty’s stalks stayed intact and showed little or no greensnap.  Another proven product in SD, MN, and NE, Dusty achieved 300 bu yields in 2021 under irrigation.  High tolerance to GLS and Goss’s Wilt. Does well on all soil productivity levels and soil types, from light to heavy ground.  Handles wet feet well.  Test weight 56-60 lbs; hybrid maintains high feed value even under stress.  Dusty is a very forgiving hybrid that is hard to mess up. 

Pairs well with Dakota (RM 106), Dutchess (RM 108), Janet (RM 110) and Jessica (RM 110)