Dusty (RM 106)

Dusty is a "go everywhere" hybrid: Where there's dust, plant Dusty.
Product Sheet

Dusty can go anywhere: she is a true flex-eared western hybrid. Plant at normal or slightly lower populations for area, and use on all crop rotations. Does well on all soil productivity levels and soil types, from light to heavy ground. Handles wet feet well. Plants are healthy with high tolerance to GLS and Goss’s Wilt. Standability is good late into the season; can wait to harvest. Kernels have a deep square-top wedge shape. Test weights are average to above average (56-60 lbs); hybrid maintains high feed value even under stress. Dusty is a very forgiving hybrid that is hard to mess up. Use irrigated or dryland.
Good pairings are Dutchess (RM 108) and Delta (RM 104).

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