Dutchess (RM 108)

Very good dual purpose choice!
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This is a crazy tough hybrid on sand pivot corners in NE.  It can raise 130-150 bu corn where other corn died in 2021.  Very tall and leafy for silage.  Very deep orange square wedge kernel on a 10-12” long ear with 18-22 kernels around.  Tall.  Robust.  Giant.  Thick circular big stalk, heavy shank, excellent disease package, strong pollen shed.  Do not overplant.  #1 stress corn on dryland for NE and SD.  Designed as a dryland product, Dutchess has found her way onto NE irrigated ground at 26-28,000 ppa because of her giant root mass and ability to take a beating through NE summers.  Avoid heavy tight clays; keep on light and medium soils.  Do not plan on an early harvest: her big flex ears will hold moisture for a 108 day hybrid.

Pairs well with Dusty (RM 106) and Jessica (RM 110).