Etna (RM 76)

Etna is a high-yielding, tough-as-nails, ultra early product!
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Etna is an ultra early, high-yielding hybrid that yields with 80 day products and is tough as nails in rugged conditions.  Solid cold tolerance allows for very northern planting; high heat tolerance allows southern movement as a late-planted early product.  Performs well on all soil types.  Plant at normal populations for the area, but Etna will flex to tolerate both lower and higher pops.  Emerges fast, has strong early-season growth, and keeps plant health.  Tolerates both wet feet and drought. Very uniform and healthy look from start to finish.  Semi-open canopy with a full look.  Plant health will hold longer than most hybrids, especially in a short or dry season.  Dry down is very good, especially for an early dent hybrid with this much health.  Good plant size for an early hybrid.  Good standability: will wait for the combine. 

Pair with Aliya (RM 77) and Lola (RM 79).