Janet (RM 110)

Janet is a very strong yielding grain hybrid with excellent silage utility.
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Janet is a tough, resilient, dry, high TWT hybrid that can take stress soils but also can achieve 275+ yields under high management.  Excellent for irrigated or dryland.  A “fill and dry fast” product, Janet can be positioned as a wetter 106-108 or early 110 day hybrid. Recommended 23-30,000 ppa dryland and 28-36,000 ppa irrigated and following soybeans or wheat.  Janet emerges well and develops into a lighter green medium height plant.  Dries quickly, holds ears tight to the stalk, and stays intact.  Ear is high TWT and dry.  Excellent ratings for Rust, GLS, and NCLB.  Susceptible to tar spot. An excellent product and companion to Jessica or use as a late season Dusty or Dakota with extra yield. Works for no-till.

Pairs well with Jessica (RM 110) and Jolene (RM 113).