Jessica (RM 110)

Jessica is a top-yielder with improved agronomics
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Jessica can weather the heat, lack of rain, and wind.  Excellent hybrid for irrigation, but good for dryland as well.  Has pushed 275+ bu/ac yields in SD and NE while maintaining excellent stalks through 80 mph winds.  Not prone to greensnap or ear drop.  Keep on medium to better soils for optimum performance.  Works well after wheat, corn, or soybeans.  Plant at 22-28,000 ppa dryland and 28-34,000 irrigated.  Does not require high population to get yields.  Jessica has a 3-year history of taking wind, heat, and insect pressure without requiring fungicide or additional pesticide use.  Good roots to prevent lodging, and good ear tip fill.  Tall, very healthy hybrid with excellent ratings for Rust, GLS, and NCLB.  Susceptible to tar spot. With adequate water, Jessica is hard to beat for top yields.

Good pairings are Dutchess (RM 108), Janet (RM 110), and Jolene (RM 113).