Jessica (RM 110)

Jessica is a top-yielder with improved agronomics
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Jessica in NE is some of the best looking corn in the Clearwater area.  She weathers the heat, lack of rain, and wind; there are not issues with weeds or insects.  Excellent hybrid for irrigation, but great hybrid for dryland as well.  During the testing process, Jessica beat all existing hybrids in locations at both the low range and in the highest yield ranges—making her an all over good product.  Plant at 22-28,000 ppa dryland, and plant at 31-34,000 on better soils and irrigated ground. Jessica does not require high population to get yields.  She continues to outperform 110 day products in SD, with much better roots to prevent lodging and better ear tip fill, all delivered in in a taller, very healthy product.  Excellent hybrid with adaptability to varied soils.

Good pairings are Dutchess (RM 108), Janet (RM 110), and Jolene (RM 113).