Jolene (RM 113)

Jolene is a broadly-adapted hybrid that performs well across different environments and management programs. Excellent silage option!
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Jolene is a tall, healthy hybrid with flex ears that can be used for grain or chopped for silage.  Ears are large with deep, square, dark colored kernels and tend to fill to the tip.  Manage for high yields and Jolene may reward you with ears 16-18 kernels around by 50+ kernels long.  Works across all soil types but excels on loams and uncompacted clays.  Plant at 22-28,000 ppa dryland and 30-34,000 plants under irrigation.  Adapts to 20”, 30” and 36” rows. Works on wheat, corn, and soybean ground.  Good grain hybrid with excellent silage quality and quantity.  Truly dual-purpose!

Pairs well with Dutchess (RM 108), Janet (RM 110), and Jessica (RM 110).

This is definitely going to be one of the corns I plant next year.

Jack A