Kiki (RM 99)

Kiki is a broadly adapted hybrid that maintains yield across a wide array of environments.
Product Sheet

Kiki is a strong yielder on good heavy soil, and she has shown good ear flex at low populations on lighter soil. Later planting does not hurt Kiki like some other hybrids. Plants are healthy with very good Goss’s Wilt tolerance. Kiki does not often require foliar fungicide applications. Fertilize well and keep weed-free. Standability is good, but harvest earlier rather than later because dry down is fast. Test weights are average to good. Broadly adaptable with some stress tolerance, but keep to better ground, leaving the tougher acres for a Queen (RM 95) or Vanessa (RM 103) product.
Also pairs well with Madeline (RM 95) and Carlene (RM 104).

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