Nita (RM 88)

Nita is an impressive early hybrid that looks good from planting to harvest in all management types.
Product Sheet

Nita flowers like an 88 day hybrid but can be treated like a 90 day. Plant at normal populations for area: usually 26-30,000 dryland and 29-34,000 irrigated. Nita can be planted early in deep, cold soils and has strong emergence and quick early growth. Nita is adaptable: suitable for all soil types and crop rotations. Has some native insect tolerance. Fungicide application only recommended in years with extreme disease pressure. Suitable for use in unirrigated pivot corners. Good choice for organic acres. Nita is slow to dry down; not suitable for late planting.
Pairs well with Francesca (RM 85) and Tess (RM 92).

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