Nova (RM 86)

Nova is a white-cob early hybrid that will make your livestock feeding dreams come true.
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A true dual-purpose hybrid with high feed and grain quality for livestock, BUT she should not be overlooked on a cash grain farm because she YIELDS.  She does dry a bit slower with her high TWT grain on a white cob.  Plant Nova at standard populations for best results and maximum flexibility with the end use.  She is a taller hybrid and very adaptable for all yield levels, soil conditions, precipitation levels, and fertility levels—just adjust populations accordingly.  Has above average oil (~4%) and protein levels (~10%) (normal #2 yellow corn is 3.5% oil, 8.5% protein).  Do not be afraid to put her on difficult soils– she can handle it!

Nova goes well with everything.  Two good pairings are Francesca (RM 85) and Wilma (RM 88).