Nova (RM 86)

Nova is a white-cob early hybrid that will make your livestock feeding dreams come true.
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Nova is a true dual-purpose hybrid with high feed and grain quality for livestock, but also yields well for cash grain farms.  Visually appealing, Nova stands tall with a robust look, has wide semi-upright leaves, and has excellent staygreen.   Plant Nova at standard populations for best results and maximum flexibility with the end use. Very adaptable for all yield levels, soil conditions, precipitation levels, and fertility levels—just adjust populations accordingly. Ears are girthy, with high quality, high TWT grain on a white cob that dries a bit slower. Has above average oil (~4%) and protein levels (~10%) (normal #2 yellow corn is 3.5% oil, 8.5% protein).  Do not be afraid to put Nova on difficult soils– she can handle it!

Nova goes well with everything.  Good pairings are Rosario (RM 81), Wilma (RM 88), and Tess (RM 92).