Queen (RM 95)

Queen emerges fast, canopies quickly and sets down deep roots. She is well-suited to lower planting populations.
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Queen is a tough, flex-ear hybrid.  Originally designed for high-stress fields, Queen also does well in highly productive fields.  Works on heavy and wet soils, eroded clays, and medium to lighter soil types.  Plant from 14,000-25,000 ppa on stress fields and up to 32,000 ppa on better soils where fertility allows. Massive root system.  Pollinates early with a long grainfill period.  Not suitable for late planting.  Very dark green plant with a unique look.  Ears are yellow-orange bricks with deep, square kernels.  Can set 2 ears at lower pops.  Very healthy—takes time to dry down in the fall; needs a hard frost to kill it. Holds plant size, even under stress.  Solid dual-purpose hybrid if chopping silage.  Has skirted 300 bu in our research trials.  A good option for regenerative farming.

Pairs well with Tess (RM 92), Madeline (RM 95), and Kit (RM 99).