Queen (RM 95)

Queen emerges fast, canopies quickly and sets down deep roots. She is well-suited to lower planting populations.
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Queen is a tough, flex-ear hybrid especially suited for problem fields and tough conditions.  You can beat the crap out of this hybrid, and it will hang on.  Not for heavy, wet soils, but works well on eroded phase timber clays and medium to lighter soil types.  Queen develops a massive root system.  Excels at medium and low populations: can double ear at lower populations.  Pollinates early and has a long grainfill period.  Not suitable for late planting.  Very healthy—takes time to dry down in the fall; it will take a hard frost to kill it.  Has a deep, square dark yellow kernel.  Solid dual-purpose hybrid if you want to chop silage.  Put Queen where no one else dares to go.  Queen has also danced close to the 300 bu mark in our research trials.  She has top end as well.

Pairs well with Tess (RM 92), Madeline (RM 95), and Charo (RM 100).