Rosario (RM 81)

You can bet on Rosario!
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A consistent, high-yielding, stress-tolerant hybrid. Rosario has the adaptability to perform well across many soil types and climatic environments. Plant at average to above average plant populations for the best results in high yield conditions. To achieve top performance in drier climates, drop the population by 15% of normal, and Rosario’s response will be almost identical double ears when water is in surplus. Drydown is a little slower, but Rosario has good plant health and very good standability.  Rosario is a shorter hybrid with an upright canopy; row shading may be an issue in rows wider than 30”. If you plant corn in this maturity, this hybrid needs to be part of your program.

Good pairings are Lola (RM 79), Yolanda (RM 80), and Nova (RM 86).