Tess (RM 92)

Tess is a tough, high yielding hybrid with consistent performance across management systems.
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Tess responds well across a range of populations and works well following wheat, soybeans, and corn.  Plant early: has fast emergence and early growth.  Suitable for good and variable soils.  She does well across 20”-36” rows.  The ears flex well.  Fungicide application is not needed in most years, but Tess will respond to it.  Fertilize at medium or high fertility levels.  Works at high or low populations.  A very adaptable hybrid.  A good hybrid for grain and silage use. Proven hybrid with excellent TWT and high yields in ND and SD.

Tess gets along with everyone, but especially good companions are Nova (RM 86), Wilma (RM 88), Queen (RM 95), and Madeline (RM 95).

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