Vanessa (RM 103)

Vanessa is a solid hybrid that performs well across the board, but she excels in medium soils and following corn or sugarbeets.
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Vanessa is that rare hybrid that adapts to extremes in environments. For tough conditions in the Dakotas, heat, lack of moisture, constant winds, Vanessa powers through, keeping her leaves open and green when other hybrids roll and lose color. In drought areas, manage this hybrid with 10-40% lower population; her huge flex ear will compensate from 14,000-26,000 ppa. On deep fertile topsoils, use this hybrid on 20-30” rows after sugarbeets at 30-34,000 ppa, and feed N later in the season or use manure. Not suitable for late planting. Carries 1% MST extra because of excellent plant health. Has excellent feed value as silage and grain.  She really stands out in high stress-low population situations.

Pairs well with Charo (RM 100) and Carlene (RM 104) on productive acres and with Queen (RM 95) and Dutchess (RM 108) on harsher acres.