Vanessa (RM 103)

Vanessa is a solid hybrid that performs well across the board, but she excels in medium soils and following corn or sugarbeets.
Product Sheet

This lady excels in low population situations with a tremendous ability for flex ear size. Plant 10-20% lower than normal to take advantage of flex. She is also versatile, with excellent silage quality as well as grain yields across conditions. She’s a good choice for sugarbeet ground. To get top end yields, feed N later in the season or use manure. Not suitable for late planting. Carries a point of extra moisture at harvest because of excellent plant health. Has excellent feed value as grain and silage. Excellent early season cold vigor and handles hot, dry weather, too. Best performance is west.
Good companions are Queen (RM 95), Kiki (RM 99), and Carlene (RM 104).

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