Vanessa (RM 103)

Vanessa is a solid hybrid that performs well across the board, but she excels in medium soils and following corn or sugarbeets.
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Vanessa adapts to extremes in environments; whether it’s heat, lack of moisture, constant winds, or just generally tough conditions, Vanessa powers through with open leaves and a vibrant green color.  In drought areas, manage this hybrid with 20-40% lower population; huge flex ears will compensate from 14,000-21,000 ppa. Not suitable for late planting. Carries 1% extra MST because of excellent plant health. Vanessa is a tall plant with deep green leaves. It has excellent feed value as silage and grain. Vanessa stands out in high stress, low population situations. Excellent choice for flex silage acres. A good option for regenerative farming.

Pairs well with Scarlett (RM 103) and Carlene (RM 104) on productive acres and with Queen (RM 95) on harsher acres.