Xandra (Silage RM 105)

Xandra is a Leafy hybrid that maintains a wider leaf size to the top of the plant. She has both tonnage and quality.
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Xandra is a Leafy hybrid: do not plant at populations higher than 28,000.  Works in all kinds of tillage systems and rotations; strong in corn on corn.  Plants are big and healthy, but if NCLB symptoms appear, consider a foliar fungicide application.  Standability is good.  Maintains health for a longer chopping window.  Xandra is a high tonnage-producer with good feed quality.  Has produced 30+ ton/ac under irrigation in ND for three years in a row.  Great natural insect tolerance for above and below ground insects.  We have seen this hybrid fight off a huge infestation of rootworms in an organic situation with minimal negative effect.

Pairs well with silage-specific Zelda (Silage 95).  Good dual-purpose pairings are Vanessa (RM 103), Xena (RM 105), Dutchess (RM 108), and Jolene (RM 113) for the flex acres.