Zelda (Silage RM 95)

Zelda is a strong silage choice across a range of conditions.
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Zelda is a tall Leafy hybrid: do not plant at populations higher than 28,000, especially in 30” rows.  Works in all kinds of tillage systems and rotations; especially strong in corn on corn rotations.  Plants are big and healthy.  The need for a foliar fungicide application is unlikely.  Flowers on time for maturity.  Standability is good.  Maintains health for a longer chopping window.  Zelda is a high tonnage-producer with good feed quality.  This is an early version of Xandra, so you can push further north or spread risk of maturity in drought areas.  Can be taken to the Canadian border with good results.

Pairs well with silage-specific Xandra (Silage 105).  Good dual-purpose pairings are Nova (RM 86), Tess (RM 92), and Vanessa (RM 103) for the flex acres.