Environoc 401

With its diverse population of beneficial microorganisms, Environoc 401 ensures the soil and plant are able to efficiently work together to maximize the plant’s growth and productivity.

With a diverse team of beneficial microorganisms present in extremely high counts (trillions per gallon): ENVIRONOC 401 is a natural consortium of aerobic (oxygen loving) and facultative (can adapt in low or no oxygen conditions) beneficial bacteria. These microbes are not genetically modified, non-pathogenic, and 100% naturally occurring. This specialized “Team” of viable microbes manufacture enzymes (catalysts) that improve natural nitrogen stabilization and atmospheric nitrogen fixation, and are able to release (solubilize) phosphate which is within the soil but in an unavailable form. Various microbes in the blend produce root growth stimulants and form various amino acids / proteins designed to feed and communicate messages to plants and plant roots. The host of benefits derived from this natural biochemistry is very diverse! The goal, however, is very simple. It is to improve sustainability naturally and reduce the environmental impact associated with over applying N, P, and K. In addition, improving plant growth, productivity, and soil condition (tilth) are the direct by products of using ENVIRONOC 401. This Best In Class product represents some of the most up to date technology on the market today.

ENVIRONOC 401 Beneficial Microorganisms Deliver:

  • Nitrogen fixation
  • Root stimulation
  • Phosphate solubilization
  • Plant Growth Promotion
  • Nutrient uptake promotion
  • And many other benefits which promote a healthy, more tolerant and productive plant!

Benefits include:

  • Improved nutrient release and uptake
  • Improved natural chelation of soil nutrients
  • Improved root mass and depth, stronger / longer stalks and stems, and improved leaf area index (leaf size)
  • Increased yields and excellent return on investment

401 allows you to:

  • Establish larger and more diverse populations of beneficial microbes in your fields
  • Optimize the rhizosphere with a more robust and efficient plant and microbe relationship to improve growing conditions
  • Improve stand quality and uniformity
  • Increase root, shoot and leaf moss
  • Improve nutrient release and nutrient efficiency through microbial activity, enhancing overall soil productivity
  • Increase plant vigor, health and increase overall yield potential