MeltDown / Environoc 501

Reclaim your investment dollars and the power of your soil by leveraging the benefits of naturally occurring microorganisms.
When you end your season with an application of Biodyne’s MeltDown or Environoc 501, you’re already starting the next season off right. Not only are you increasing the workability of the soil and the ease of planting the next crop, but you’re also helping to reduce wear and tear on your tires and equipment caused by typically tough crop residue.
The capable microorganisms in both these products will degrade complex polymers such as Cellulose, Lignin, Chitin, their intermediates and related compounds. This enhanced biological breakdown will help drive CO2 cycling, promote higher yields and healthier soil.
From increased fertilizer use to tire damage and fuel consumption, undigested residue is a physical tie up of your investment dollars. Recycle your nutrition and turn residue into a valuable resource for next years crop.

A pair of cotton underwear treated with MeltDown vs an untreated pair.  Buried for 2.5 months.